BACKGROUND: Marketing mix (7Ps) is a critical concept in
healthcare management and health marketing. Hence, this study
was conducted to investigating the role of 7Ps on patients’
disposition to the kind of hospital from nurses’ perspectives.
METHODS: A cross-sectional study design was used in 2015. The
study was conducted in one state in Iran (Mazandaran). The
statistical population included nurses (n=235) in public and
private hospitals were selected randomly through the list. Data
were collected by questionnaire and were analyzed using SPSS
software (version 22).
RESULTS: The results showed that 38.6 percent of nurses were
males and the others (61.4 percent) were females. Their mean age
was 31.0±7.1 years, and the majority of them belonged to the 30-40
age group. The mean work experience of them was 11.42±6.5
years. The findings showed that there were significant differences
between nurses’ perspectives in public and private hospitals about
the effect of 7Ps elements on patients’ tendency to the public and
private hospitals (p<0.05).
CONCLUSIONS: According to the results, the officials of public
hospitals should take more attention to the elements like product,
place, promotion, people, physical assets and process management
more than the past because these elements cause that the patients
are disposed to the private hospitals while the government make
more investment in public hospitals.
KEYWORDS: Marketing mix, 7Ps, hospital, nursing

Published: 2019-05-28