BACKGROUND: Bone marrow is extremely vulnerable to damage
caused by radiation therapy. Hence, bone marrow suppression is an
important side effect of radiotherapy. Effective use of radiotherapy
is therefore compromised by radiation-related injuries.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Six Guinea-pigs were recruited for
the study of which three were subjected to total body irradiation
with Co 60 while the other three served as controls. Bone marrow
and peripheral blood samples were collected before and at days 9,
14 and 21, post irradiation. Manual and automated counts were
performed for bone marrow nucleated cells and peripheral blood
cells respectively.
RESULTS: Declining bone marrow cellularity was evident
immediately post irradiation. Mean ± SD of marrow cell counted
per mm 3 were 121,924±281, 87,603±772, 121,367±375 and
122,750±1000 pre-irradiation and days 9, 14 and 21, post-
irradiation (p-values 0.10, 0.27 and 0.29 respectively). Significant
drops in counts were noticed on day 9 post-irradiation for all red
cell parameters (p-values <0.05), for Total White Blood Cell Count
and Neutrophil count (p-values <0.05) and also on days 14 and 21
for Lymphocytes (p-values <0.05) and on day 21 for
Eosinophil/Basophil/Monocytes (p-value <0.05). A significant drop
in platelets counts was also noticed on day 9 (p-value <0.05) which
significantly increased above pre-irradiation value on day 21.
CONCLUSION: Total body irrradiation with Co 60 significantly
affects the bone marrow with maximum reductions in marrow
nucleated cells and peripheral blood cells counts on day 9 post
KEYWORDS: Ionizing, Radiation, Marrow, Animal, Model

Published: 2019-05-28