The Role of Innovation Strategy in Improving Organizational Performance and Productivity Focus On Heineken Beverage Industry, Ethiopia

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Daniel Amente Kenea


The main purpose of this study was to examine the role of innovation strategy and firm
performance on organizational productivity taking Heineken Beverage Industry. To this end, the
study employed cross-sectional survey research design. Pertinent data was gathered using both
quantitative and qualitative approaches through self-administered questionnaires and key
informant interviews. Questionnaires were distributed to a sample of randomly selected staff
members from each department of the organization. Key informant interviews were also
conducted. The quantitative data was analyzed through descriptive statistics and presented in
tabular form, whereas the qualitative data was analyzed descriptively. The results show that
innovation strategy systems in the organization are not effective in all the four components
(process, marketing, product and firm performance). It is also found that the present innovation
strategy is not enabling the organization to improve its productivity and realize the required
organization performance. Thus, the study concluded that the organization doesn’t fully address
in practice the required efforts to maintain effective innovation strategies. Based on the findings,
it’s recommends that all stakeholders should take part in establishing, strengthening and
maintaining effective innovation strategy systems; so that organization objectives can be meet

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Daniel Amente Kenea, Addis Ababa University

Ph.D. Candidate in Public Management and Policy