Contextualizing Ottawa Charter Frameworks for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention A Professional Perspective as a Review

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Feleke Doyore Agide
Elham Shakibazadeh


BACKGROUND: Type 2 Diabetes remains one of the deadliestnon-communicable diseases in the world. Systematicallyarticulating the health issues with emerging policies is veryimportant in preventing chronic diseases like diabetes. This articleaims to integrate Ottawa Charter frameworks in prevention of Type2 diabetes and the way the charter’s application should bringamicable changes if applied as planned.METHOD: We used the aim of the study as a method derivative.Then, we applied the five actions of Ottawa Charter frameworks.We also described and stated the existing scientific literature(knowledge) about the prevention of diabetes. After thoroughlyreviewing, possible intervention strategies were included with abrief discussion by comparing different literatures. In our case,diabetes prevention is facilitated by those actions and conditions.EVIDENCE: Setting appropriate goals, lifestyle modifications,appropriate self-monitoring of blood glucose, medications, regularmonitoring for complications, and laboratory assessment areimportant factors to be endorsed within Ottawa Charter fiveactions. Lifestyle interventions and physical activities are the mostimportant factors recommended in different reviews andinterventions. However, none of the studies had integrated diseaseprevention with existing policy.CONCLUSION: Type 2 Diabetes directed health promotioninterventions implemented in various countries were not integratedinto Ottawa charter frameworks. As field experts, we believe thatapplying all the basic principles of health promotion and the ideaof Ottawa Charter articulation is very important in diseaseprevention and behavioral change. Therefore, field specialistsshould figure out the problem of policy integration through policyevaluation researches.

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Feleke Doyore Agide, WachemoUniversity, Hossana, Ethiopia

Department of Health Education
and Promotion, School of PublicHealth,International Campus,
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Department of Public Health
Officer, College of Medicine and Health Sciences,

Elham Shakibazadeh, Tehran University ofMedical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Department of Health Education
and Promotion, School of Public Health