Clinical and Psychosocial Predictors of Community Reintegration of Stroke Survivors Three Months Post In-Hospital Discharge

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Olubukola OLALEYE
Talhatu HAMZAT


BACKGROUND: There appears to be a dearth of publishedliterature on the biopsychosocial predictors of communityreintegration (CR) among stroke survivors. This study aims toinvestigate the clinical and psychosocial predictors of CR amongstroke survivors three months post in-hospital discharge.METHODS: Fifty-two stroke survivors took part in this prospectiveexploratory study. The participants’ clinical attributes of motorfunction (MF), balance (Bal) and psychosocial characteristics ofFall Self- Efficacy (FSE), Balance Self-Efficacy (BSE), Self-Esteem (SEst) and Social Support (SS) were assessed pre-dischargeand at three months post-discharge. CR was also assessed at threemonths post-discharge. Data were analyzed using paired t-test,Pearson’s Moment correlation and multiple regressions. Level ofsignificance was set at p = 0.05RESULTS: The mean age of the participants was 61.21±11.25years with mean hospital length of stay of 5.31±3.71weeks. Therewere significant differences in the mean MF, Bal, FSE, BSE, SEstand SS scores of the participants pre- and post-discharge (p <0.05). Also, there was a significant correlation between CR andeach of MF, Bal, FSE, BSE, SEst and SS. Pre-discharge Age (β = -0.226, p = 0.001) and FSE (β = 1.387, p = 0.040) significantlypredicted CR. Post-discharge age (β = -0.164, p = 0.005) and Bal (β= 0.142, p = 0.048). FSE (β = 1.243, p = 0.034) also significantlypredicted CR.CONCLUSION: Age, Bal and FSE are important predictors of CRamong stroke survivors. Therefore, rehabilitation programmesshould focus on improving Bal and FSE in order to enhancecommunity reintegration among stroke survivors.

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Nelson EKECHUKWU, University of Nigeria, Enugu, Nigeria

Department of Medical
Rehabilitation, College of Medicine

Olubukola OLALEYE, University of Ibadan,Ibadan, Nigeria

Department of Physiotherapy, College of Medicine

Talhatu HAMZAT

Department of Physiotherapy, College of Medicine