Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis Report of a Rare Case

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Richa Sahota
Ramandeep Gambhir
Samir Anand
Avani Dixit


BACKGROUND: Mucormycosis is one of the rapidly progressing andlethal form of fungal infection which involves the nose and paranasalsinuses of the head and the neck regions. Mucormycosis also remains athreat to patients with uncontrolled diabetes or other predisposingsystemic conditions. It manifests as rhinocerebral, pulmonary,gastrointestinal, cutaneous or disseminated form. The underlyingconditions can influence clinical presentation and often delay diagnosis,with resultant poor outcomes.CASE DETAILS: We report a case of rhinocerebral mucormycosis in a75 year-old diabetic patient with emphasise on diagnosis, treatment andsurvival options of patient from this potentially fatal fungal infection.Extra oral examination revealed mild non-tender swelling on the face,unable to see from left eye, impaired sense of smell, difficulty in speechand nasal stuffiness. Intra-oral examination showed necrosis of mucosaand underlying bone in relation to canine to the tuberosity area of the leftvestibular region of the maxilla.CONCLUSION: Timely diagnosis is critical to survival and minimizationof morbidity. Institution of surgical and medical therapy is critical inmaximizing the likelihood of good outcome.

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Richa Sahota, Rayatand Bahra Dental College andHospital, Mohali

Department of Oral Pathology

Ramandeep Gambhir, Gian Sagar Dental Collegeand Hospital, Rajpura

Department of Public Health

Samir Anand, Rayatand Bahra Dental College andHospital, Mohali

Department of Periodontology

Avani Dixit, Swami Devi Dyal DentalCollege and Hospital, Golpura,Panchkulas

Department of Oral Medicine and