Chronic Recurrent Non-specific Parotitis A Case Report and Review

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Saibaba Mahalakshmi
Srinivas Kandula
Patil Shilpa
Ganganna Kokila


BACKGROUND: Chronic recurrent non-specific parotitis ischaracterized by recurrent episodes of swelling and pain ofunknown etiology in the parotid gland. Sialography is a hallmarkin the diagnosis of salivary gland disorders; newer imagingmodalities like CT-Sialography, sialoendoscopy and MRI can beused. Various treatment modalities have been tried, fromconservative approach to surgical excision depending on therecurrence rate and severity of the condition. Althoughsymptomatic treatment with antibiotics and analgesic, injection ofintraductal medicament, aggressive treatment like duct ligation orexcision of gland are some of the treatment modalities, there is noestablished algorithm as to which treatment method should beopted in such clinical situation.CASE DETAIL: A 20 years old male patient reported with painand salty taste in the mouth that had began before a week.Examination revealed an elevated right parotid papilla; ropy,cloudy appearing saliva was oozing out on milking the gland.Unstimulated and stimulated whole salivary flow rate was assessedusing drooling method. Sialography was used as a diagnostic and atherapeutic aid. In our case, sialography as a treatment showed agood response with no recurrence after two years of follow-up. Wehighlighted the role of sialography as a therapeutic aid.CONCLUSION: Recurrent attacks significantly affect the qualityof life and also lead to progressive gland destruction. Preventing orreducing the frequency of recurrence remains the goal oftherapeutic procedure. Hence, conventional sialography is usefulin the diagnosis and also effective as a therapeutic aid in recurrentparotitis.

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Saibaba Mahalakshmi, Tumkur

Department of Oral Medicine and
Radiology, Sri Siddhartha Dental
College & Hospital, Sri Siddhartha
Academy of Higher Education

Srinivas Kandula, KIITUniversity,Bhubneshwar

Department of Oral Medicine and
Radiology, Kalinga Institute of Dental Science

Patil Shilpa, Bangalore

Department of Oral Medicine and
Radiology, AECS Maaruti College of
Dental Sciences & Research Centre,

Ganganna Kokila, Tumkur

Department of Oral Pathology and
Microbiology, Sri Siddhartha Dental
College & Hospital, Sri Siddhartha
Academy of Higher Education