The Clinically Confirmed Congenital Rubella Syndrome Role of Echocardiography

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Demeke Mekonnen


BACKGROUND: Congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) affectsthousandsofchildreninthedevelopingworldbecause rubella vaccination is not routinely available in most ofthese countries. Among its many manifestations, congenital heartdisease is life threatening.CASE DETAILS: A 9-month-old infant presented with whitishlesions over her left eye. She was evaluated with echocardiographythat revealed peripheral pulmonary stenosis and patent ductusarteriosus. She had severe acute malnutrition and clinicallyconfirmed congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). There was noavailable serologic test to confirm the diagnosis.CONCLUSION: This case was presented to demonstrate typicaldual features of CRS by echocardiography and to emphasize thebenefit of vaccination to prevent deleterious complications fromcongenital rubella syndrome.

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Demeke Mekonnen, Jimma University, Ethiopia

Wolfson Medical Center, Israel