A Symptomatic Cholilithiasis and Cholecystectomyfor a 9-Month-Old Infant Case Report

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Hailu Wondimu


BACKGROUND: Symptomatic cholilithiasis is rare in children.Thus, a high degree of suspicion is required for diagnosis. Once achild is diagnosed with symptomatic cholilithiasis, cholecystectomyis required to relieve the symptoms and prevent complication.CASE DETAILS: A 9-month-old infant from Addis Ababapresented to the Pediatric Department of ZewdituMemorialHospital on January 30, 2015 with irritability, abdominal pain. Onworkup, she was found to have gall stones, and her condition wasat last attributed to biliary colic after months of follow-up in theDepartment of Pediatrics. She underwent cholecystectomy on the31 st of July 2015 and discharged with improved results. This is thefirst report of symptomatic cholilithiasis and cholecystectomy inEthiopia at 9 months of age.CONCLUSION: Cholilithiasis is rare in infants, and one shouldhave a high index of suspicion for diagnosis. Cholecystectomyshould be done as in adults if symptomatic

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Hailu Wondimu, AAU, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Department of surgery, school of
medicine, college of health sciences