Knowledge Management Implementation and the Tools Utilized in Healthcare for Evidence-Based Decision Making A Systematic Review

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Worku Jimma


BACKGROUND: Healthcare is a knowledge driven process andthus knowledge management and the tools to manage knowledge inhealthcare sector are gaining attention. The aim of this systematicreview is to investigate knowledge management implementationand knowledge management tools used in healthcare for informeddecision making.METHODS: Three databases, two journals websites and GoogleScholar were used as sources for the review. The key terms used tosearch relevant articles include: “Healthcare and KnowledgeManagement”; “Knowledge Management Tools in Healthcare”and “Community of Practices in healthcare”.RESULTS: It was found that utilization of knowledge managementin healthcare is encouraging. There exist numbers of opportunitiesfor knowledge management implementation, though there aresome barriers as well. Some of the opportunities that can transformhealthcare are advances in health information and communicationtechnology, clinical decision support systems, electronic healthrecord systems, communities of practice and advanced careplanning.CONCLUSION: Providing the right knowledge at the right time,i.e., at the point of decision making by implementing knowledgemanagement in healthcare is paramount. To do so, it is veryimportant to use appropriate tools for knowledge management anduser-friendly system because it can significantly improve thequality and safety of care provided for patients both at hospital andhome settings.

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Worku Jimma, InternationalCampus (TUMS-IC), Tehran, Iran

Department of Health Information
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