Minimizing Preventable Deaths The Should Be Focus In Ethiopian Health System

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Abraham Haileamlak


In the past two decades, the government of Ethiopia invested heavily on various sectors to bring holistic
change. The health sector is one of the recipients of the investment with aim of minimizing preventable
morbidities and mortalities, improving the health service coverage and betterment of health care delivery.
Because of awareness creation works done and better access, the flow of patients to health care delivery
units has increased significantly. As a result, tremendous changes are brought on almost all health
indicators. Though access to health care gets better and referral system has somehow improved, advanced
medical care delivery and specialized services are not yet well in place. Consequently, preventable
hospital deaths are still occurring though health care providers work hard to provide better quality care to
their patients with the available resources and training capacity.

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Abraham Haileamlak

Abraham Haileamlak (MD)

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