Integrated Child Health and Development Program A Key for Human Development

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Abraham Haileamlak


n over a decade, Ethiopia has demonstrated a significant reduction in child mortality where it has
achieved Millennium Development Goal (MDG)-4 two years ahead of the planned time. The Ethiopian
government and the Federal Ministry of Health have taken encouraging steps by investing in holistic
development and health care. There has been substantial progress on several health, economic and
development indicators in Ethiopia. For the success in the health sector, Ethiopia pioneered a strong
community health system and implemented integrated management of neonatal and childhood illnesses
(IMNCI). Across the country, over 38,000 health extension workers have been deployed to provide basic
preventive and curative services at community and household levels; many health facilities have been
built and become operational. This quick expansion of rural health services and the implementation of
IMNCI have laid the groundwork for a significant reduction in child mortality. This success has generated
great benefits for the entire nation but the child’s life above all. The experience and success also gave a
great lesson to the rest of the world.

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