Women’s Position in Indigenous Peace Building Processes: The Role of Siiqqee Institution in the Oromoo Gadaa System

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The role of gender in peace building is currently at the forefront of global peace agenda since excluding women from peace process is tantamount to neglecting half of the humanity. Though the efforts those women have to add up to culture of peace has hardly been considered, no rational society can undermine their contributions.For the Oromoo nation, women have well-established functions in decision-making, conflict resolution and peace building that are embedded in the egalitarian Oromoo world system. As active engagement of women in the building sustainable peace deemed imperative, the role of siiqqee as a timeless essential should be well recognized at all level. The collected data were analyzed qualitatively through content and thematic analysis. The findings reveal that the Gadaa system promotes culture of peace whereby the siiqqee institution in particular has immense roles in peace building processes. Rooted in the Oromoo world view, the siiqqee institution encouraged the Oromoo women to consolidate their holistic devotion capable of bringing structural changes required to enhance equality, social justice, solidarity, and sustainable peace and development. Through siiqqee institution the Oromoo women have been serving essentially as symbol of peace, operationally as peace educators and diplomatically as peace envoys in the societal relations. The totality of this makes the Oromoo women know the cost incurred from conflict and thereby get equipped to transform it in advance. As a result, they are proven of vital roles in building bridges, at a far different from mere walls, using the power of siiqqee to enhance and uphold social cohesion. Thus, the siiqqee institution as a reservoir is full of important indigenous values that enrich gender capacities necessary to guarantee a lasting peace. It is, therefore, indispensable, as found recommendable, to effectively coordinate, reinstate and uphold the open up viable space, where Oromoo women can play their efforts and leverage up their indigenous share in peace building processes through siiqqee institution.


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Fituma, D. (2020). Women’s Position in Indigenous Peace Building Processes: The Role of Siiqqee Institution in the Oromoo Gadaa System. Gadaa Journal, 3(No. 2), 39-49. Retrieved from https://journals.ju.edu.et/index.php/gadaa/article/view/2495
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Debela , College of Social Sciences and Humanities

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