Interculturality in African Political Philosophy

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Professor Bekele Gutema


Intercultural philosophy as a new orientation in philosophy wants to ascertain the plurality of
philosophy. Its main purpose is the critique of the monologue of Western philosophy to enrich
philosophical reflection on the different issues of philosophical concern. African political discourse and
practice has been an uprooted activity. The pre-colonial African cultures were undermined by
colonialism. Despite the attempts by some of Africa’s post-independence leaders to ground the political
orientations of their countries in indigenous political ideas, they are the Western ideas that were
implemented, although they could not take roots. It is necessary to understand the predicament of Africa
as an outcome of the political practice. Africa is in a situation where it could not use its indigenous
ideas. On the other hand despite the attempts to use them the Western ideas of democracy and others
could not take roots. They could not take roots and probably cannot also take roots in the future as they
are, since they were not meant for Africa .However, there is a wide-spread interculturality in terms of
politics, philosophy, education, and so on as a result of the fact that we have taken a lot from outside and
also given certain things to the rest of the world. This creates a favorable condition for intercultural
philosophy in Africa with regards to political orientation and practice. It can create a new situation to
create a political culture of reappropriating our own African political philosophies and appropriating
European political philosophies. The article discusses intercultural philosophy and tries to show that its
principles and methods can be used to propose a political philosophy that can better address African
issues. It tries to achieve this by critically reviewing and analyzing the available literature in the realms
of political and intercultural philosophy.



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Professor Bekele Gutema , Professor of Philosophy, Addis Ababa University

Professor of Philosophy, Addis Ababa University