Guide to Reviewer

(Referee's Manuscript Evaluation Form) 

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 Introduction/Background (15%)

  1. Is context of the research clear and relevant? _______________
    2.    Does introduction/background situate the problem in the light of the existing state of knowledge in the area of study and highlight the motivation for the study? _______________
    3.    Is/are the problem/s clearly identified and easily recognizable? _______________
    4.    Is there logical link between or among purpose of study, objectives and hypothesis? _______________
    5.    Are objectives/ questions/ hypothesis clearly delineate and adequately describe what the author seeks to bring about as a result of his writing? ______________
    Grade: _______________
    Comments: _______________________________________________________________________
    Suggestions for improvement __________________________________________________

Literature Review (20%)

  1. Is the literature reviewed relevant and recent? _____________
    2.    Does the literature provide clear support to key theoretical and methodological issues or questions being investigated?  _______________
    3.    Does the review identifies areas of controversy in the literature and shows the gap/s in the literature? _______________
    4.    Is the conceptual /theoretical framework clearly articulated and serves as a tool to scaffold research, analyse the data, clearly set the constructs of the study and help to make meaning of subsequent findings?  _______________
    Grade: _______________
    Comments: _______________________________________________________________________
    Suggestions for improvement __________________________________________________


Research Methodology and Data Analysis (25%)

  1. Is there convincing support from literature provided for the choice of a particular research design? _______________
  2.    Are data collections methods and procedures clearly justified and provided as well as linked to literature review? _______________
    3.    Is the source of data reliable and accurate? _______________
    4.    Are the data collected from primary and secondary sources? _______________
    5.    Are the constructs of the study clear and appropriate? _______________
    6.    Are data interpretations clear? Do they add further insight into the data? _______________
    7.    Are data interpretations logically linked to results, discussions, conclusions and recommendations? _______________
    8.     Do they have accuracy and consistency? _______________
    Grade: _______________
    Comments: _______________________________________________________________________
    Suggestions for improvement __________________________________________________

Research Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations (30%)

  1. Are results clearly and sufficiently discussed and backed by only relevant issues in the review? _______________
    2.    Do results duplicate information in the data? _______________
    3.    Do results clearly re-enforce claims made in the discussion? _______________
    4.    Are discussion clearly backed by relevant issues in the review? _______________
    5.    Are conclusions drawn logically from results and discussions and backed by relevant issues in the review? _______________
    6.    Does the conclusion reflect on the objectives, theory and conceptual framework? _______________
    7.    Do recommendations refer back to statement of problem and relate to conclusions?     _______________
    8.    Does it bring new/interesting perspective into existing debate or issues? _______________
    9.    Does the paper have originality _______________
    Grade: _______________
    Comments: _______________________________________________________________________
    Suggestions for improvement __________________________________________________


Acknowledgments, Presentation  and Language (10%)

  1. Are acknowledgements for sources used clearly shown in the text and in the references? _______________
    2.    Have the various sections of the research been clearly identified and presented? _______________
    3.    Is the paper presentable enough to the reader without any language editing? _______________
    Grade: _______________

Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________
Suggestions for improvement __________________________________________________

Total Grade: _______________
General comments on the relevance of the report to the theme of the book project _______________________________________________________________________
General comments on whether the draft chapter is publishable or not? _______________ _______________________________________________________________________
Suggestions for improvement:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________.

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