Investigation of Challenges that Cast Shadows on the Quality of Education at four Public Universities in Ethiopia

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Mandefro Fanta
Yimam Workneh


The objective of this research was to investigate challenges that cast shadows on the quality of education. To investigate quality education-threatening practices, data were collected through focus group discussions, interviews, and questionnaires from third-year undergraduate regular students and instructors from Jimma, Wollega, Mizan-Tepi, and Debre Birhan universities. Then, the data were analyzed textually and numerically. Specifically, the findings revealed that students are not doing their activities responsibly for their learning, and instructors are not devoted to accomplishing their duties properly. Covering courses based on the schedule has been a big problem too. Besides, the study showed that management bodies have been ineffective to carry out their responsibilities as expected. That means they could not supervise the teaching-learning process and were not able to supply the libraries, laboratories, and classrooms with relevant books and materials to facilitate the teaching-learning process. For the aforementioned reasons, the quality of education has lowered regrettably. Owning to the above problems, students at universities must develop self-efficacy and manage their education responsibly to be competitive and successful in their learning. Further, instructors must be punctual, responsible, and devoted to carrying out their duties effectively. Particularly, they must work hard to cover courses on time and impart the necessary knowledge and skills to students as much as possible. The management bodies should also supervise the teaching-learning process properly and fulfill the necessary reference books, reading materials, and equipment to realize effective changes in the teaching-learning process.

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