Implementation of District Level Decentralization Program The Case of Jimma Zone, Oromiya National Regional State, Ethiopia

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Ermyas Admasu


The study is conducted to assess the contribution of District Level Decentralization Program (DLDP) in raising local level participation for development especially in service delivery in two selected woredas in Jimma zone of Oromiya National Regional State.The woredas were selected in consultation with officials based on their performance in implementing the DLDP. Structured and focus group interviews were held with Zonal and woreda level officials and residents from sample kebeles in the two woredas. The data obtained from various sources was systematically organized, triangulated and narrated. The study revealed that, the DLDP introduced block grant transfer empowered the woredas’ to plan their own activities within the limit of the resources available, unlike the centralized budgeting system in the past which geared less towards specific localneeds and demands. Moreover, the program also effected clear definition of power and functions to woredas checking the intervention of the Zone in woreda planning activities.This has opened more room for the participation of the people in planning and implementing of projects at the local level. The role of sub kebele community structure scalled ‘Gots’ in inducing more popular participation is identified. The Community participates not only in planning but also in putting projects in to practice mainly through their labor. Nevertheless, the study unearthed that development initiative at the locallevel is challenged by host of factors like resource scarcity, lack of human resource capacity for planning at woreda level, and the community’s lack of experience and skillfor participation

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Ermyas Admasu, Jimma University

Lecturer at the department of Governance; Email:;Tel. No. 0932091178; POB 378,
Jimma Ethiopia.