The Effect of Logistics Service Attributes on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Southwestern Hub of Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Southwestern Hub of Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Agency

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Dr. Mekonnen Bogale
Tafesse Gizaw


The aim of this study was to assess level of customer satisfaction with the pharmaceutical logistics services and investigate the effect of pre transaction, transaction and post transaction attributes on customer satisfaction in the hubs of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency. 262 randomly selected public pharmacy unit personnel wereused to collect the data using a pre-tested questionnaire. Factor analysis and multiple linear regressions models were used to analyzethe data. The study found thatmajority of the respondents (60%) were satisfied with pre-transactionperformance the hub. Customers’ satisfaction level duringtransaction and post-transaction pharmaceutical service deliveryperformance were37% and 47%respectively. Multiple linear regression analysis was done after factor reduction analysis was computed and the resultshows that ordering procedure, personal contact quality, product availability, timeliness, order accuracy, order discrepancy handling, and complaint handling of pharmaceutical logistics service attributes have significant positive effect on customer satisfaction. This has managerial implications in prioritizing logistics service attributes that help to improve the service delivery process of the case Agency and others

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