Corporate Governance Characteristics and Intellectual Capital of Listed Non-Financial Firms in Nigeria

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Aderemi Olalere ADEBAYO
Olabode Michael OYEWOLE
Wasiu Adebayo LAMIDI


This study investigated the influence of corporate governance characteristics among listed non-financial firms onthe Nigerian Stock Exchange. The population of the study consists of one hundred and forty-nine (149) listed non-financial firms of which purposive sampling technique was used to select sixty-four (64) firms having adequate information needed for the study in their annual report from 2010 to 2019. The study used multiple regression analysis to investigate the influence of board size, board meeting, and board independence on intellectual capital. The study found that board size, board meeting, and board independence has a negative relationship with intellectualcapital. While, firm size has positive and significant association withintellectual capital among non-financial listed firms in Nigeria. Therefore, it was recommended that regulators should implementa standardized guideline for intellectual capital disclosure to establish consistency in reporting information and to lower the cost of agency by improving the policies and practices of corporate governance systems.

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