The study aims to measure the role of OCSSCO’s credit program in the socio-economic conditions of women clients found in East Shoa zone of Oromia region. The population of the study covers women households who have been using microcredit for at least one year and currently lives in East Shoa zone. Accordingly, a total of 400 OCSSCO’s active clients as well as 200 incoming clients were selected using systematic sampling. The data required to meet the objectives were mainly gathered from primary source through clients’ interview schedule. The data have been analyzed through various statistical tools, viz., Chi-square test, ANOVA, t-test. Thus, the results show that current clients’ unveiled better household and enterprise income; acquire enterprise skills & savings habit;, more and better household diet; education for children;, and better healthcare services compared to the non-client comparison group. Though statistically not significant, current clients have better decision power with respect to the overall management of household and enterprise income compared to the non-client comparison group. Finally, considering the positive impact that micro financial services has on women headed households, it is commended that the management of OCSSCO to concoct means to further improve access to financial services to rural women households and contribute to gender equalization by facilitating their participation in socio-economic activities.

Published: 2022-07-20