Aim of this study is to assess determinants of procurement performance in the public sectors. To realize purpose of study, descriptive and explanatory research designs and multi-stage sampling technique were employed. The numbers of employees in selected Weredas’ were 2660 with the sample size of 348 and 320 questionnaires were returned back. Data collected by Likert scale with one to five, while analyzed by employing Statistical Package for Social Science 20.0 Version. The result of the research shown that transparent legal framework, procurement staff proficiency, anti-corruption measures, utilization of information communication technology and organizational structure has statistically significant positive effect on procurement performance. Recommended public sector to give training to fill the skill gap of procurement staff, to ensure transparency of legal framework, take anticorruption mechanisms to overcome the illegal act in the procurement procedure, utilizing ICT to integrate public procurement, ensure segregation of duties in the organization structure and review of legislations to ensure compliance with the international procurement systems.

Published: 2022-07-22