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Vol 6 No 1 (2019): EFL Teachers’ Perceived Perceptions and Classroom Practices of Differentiated Instruction: General Secondary and Preparatory School in Focus

The purpose of this study was to ferret out English language teachers’ perceived
perceptions, and actual classroom practices of differentiated instruction. To achieve this
goal, an exploratory type of case study was employed. Grade 11 English language
teachers of Bahir Dar Tana Haik General Secondary and Preparatory School were
selected as participants using comprehensive sampling technique. Interview and
observation were utilized to gather data and the results were analyzed qualitatively;
particularly through describing what was really happening in the classrooms and
narrating their responses. The findings indicated that the interviewees had good
perceptions about differentiated instruction, but there was almost no practice. Teachers’
less use of the strategies may be attributed to their limited knowledge of differentiated
instruction, lack of commitment, time constraint and large class size. Finally, in light of
the findings, recommendations were forwarded.
Keywords: /Content Differentiation/ Process Differentiation/ Product Differentiation/
Learning Environment Differentiation/

Published: 2019-06-29

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