Ethiop. J. Educ. & Sc. Vol. 10 Special Issue 1 August, 2015

ISSN : 1998-8907


A Publication of Jimma University

POBOX:378, Jimma University, Ethiopia
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Published: 2015-08-28

The Inclusion of Community-Based Education in to Jimma University’s Curricula

An Exploratory Investigation

Bekalu Ferede, Kassahun Melesse, Tekle Ferede, Esayas Alemayehu, Tariku Dejene (Author)


Awareness, Readiness, Commitment and Perception about the Pedagogical Relevance of CBE in Jimma University

Kassahun Melesse, Tekle Ferede, Bekalu Ferede, Esayas Alemayehu, Tariku Dejene (Author)


An Investigation into the Practice of Community Based Education (CBE) Field Activities

Perceptions, Supervision and Challenges

Tekle Ferede, Esayas Alemayehu, Bekalu Ferede, Kassahun Melesse, Tariku Dejene (Author)


Assessing the Assessment Procedures and Grading of Community Based Education/CBE Courses at Jimma University

Esayas Alemayehu, Tekle Ferede, Bekalu Ferede, Tariku Dejene, Kassahun Melesse (Author)