Condom Negotiation Strategies Jimma University Undergraduates Use with New and Main Heterosexual Partners

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Tesfaye Gebeyehu
Hailom Banteyerga


The study assessed condom negotiation strategies undergraduates of Jimma Universityuse with main (or permanent, monogamous, longer-term) and new (temporal or casual)heterosexual partners. Data were gathered from 4 focus group discussions (35discussants––20 male, 15 female), 10 in-depth interviews (all males), and 378 randomlyselected survey participants (where 176 are sexually active in life). While descriptivestatistics (e.g. percentage) was used to analyze the survey data, content and thematic analyses were used to analyze the qualitative data. Both the quantitative and qualitativefindings revealed that males and females use overall similar verbal negotiation strategies(e.g. risk information, relationship conceptualization, direct request, withholding sex,deception) and non-verbal strategy (e.g. seduction) to influence main and new sexpartners to accept condom use. However, while males emphasize using the non-verbal strategy (seduction) with both new and main partner, females emphasize employing with holding sex, a unilateral verbal strategy, with both types of partners. The studyconcluded that risk information, relationship conceptualization, withholding sex, directrequest, seduction, and deception strategies promote condom use for the study population, but not coercion and reward. The study recommends programs that promote safer sex in college contexts to emphasize the use of information where communication and negotiation strategies are enacted in a participatory manner. Further, the study recommends more research on the analysis of existing discourses in HIV/AIDS in collegecontexts



∗ This paper has been taken (with moderate modification) from a Ph.D. dissertation (2013) submitted to the
School of Graduate Studies of Addis Ababa University, Department of English Language and Literature.

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Gebeyehu, T., & Banteyerga, H. (1). Condom Negotiation Strategies Jimma University Undergraduates Use with New and Main Heterosexual Partners. The Ethiopian Journal of Social Sciences and Language Studies (EJSSLS), 2(2), 62-84. Retrieved from
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Tesfaye Gebeyehu, Jimma University, Ethiopia

Ph.D., an assistant professor of Applied Linguistics and Communication at the Department of English
Language and Literature, Jimma University, Ethiopia.
Contact: e-mail:,, telephone: 0911693938

Hailom Banteyerga, Addis Ababa University

PhD., associate professor (TEFL) College of Humanities, Language Studies, Journalism and
Communication, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Email:; Tel: 0911169144

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