The Role of Media in Social Development: The Case of South Radio and Television Agency, Bonga Branch in Decha Woreda, Southern Ethiopia

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Wogayehu B. Bekele


This study investigates the role of media in the social development of the community in South Radio and Television Agency Bonga Branch Radio (BBR) in Decha woreda, Kafa Zone, Southern Ethiopia. The study addresses the contribution of media in changing the audience’s knowledge, attitude, and practices in the community’s social activities. To address the objectives, the researcher applied mixed research approaches and descriptive design. Both primary and secondary data were used in the study and analyzed through qualitative and quantitative methods. The data were collected through questionnaires, key informant interviews, and focus group discussions. To determine the sample size for the study, a multi-stage sampling technique was employed. Three Kebeles were selected purposively and 106 respondents participated in the study. The findings show that Bonga branch radio station is contributing to social development through influencing the behavior (attitude, knowledge, and practice) of the community. The study also reveals that the acceptance of the role of radio in the community is high since it transmits its different programs and news content in the ethnic language of the community in which the members can easily understand. Even though the media is playing its role in the community’s social development, different challenges have been observed in the branch radio station. Based on the finding, recommendation has been forwarded that the local government bodies should change their outlook towards the media organization. The media management should take the improving measures, such as the journalists and technician capacity building, the transmission coverage of the radio station, and revision of the news and program content format that will enable the media to meet the satisfaction of the audience.


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Wogayehu B. Bekele. (2020). The Role of Media in Social Development: The Case of South Radio and Television Agency, Bonga Branch in Decha Woreda, Southern Ethiopia. PanAfrican Journal of Governance and Development (PJGD), 1(2), 61-81.
Author Biography

Wogayehu B. Bekele, South Radio and Television Agency, Hawassa, Ethiopia

Wogayehu B. Bekele has obtained BA Degree in Public Administration and Development Management from Addis Ababa University (AAU) and postgraduate in Governance and Development Studies (GaDs) from Hawassa University (HU). Currently, he is serving as a Human Resource Management expert in South Radio and Television Agency, Hawassa, Ethiopia. His research areas include Governance and Development, Peace and Security, and Migration.


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