Size: (2000-4000 words)

PJGD accepts broadly two different types of book reviews. First, general reviews on recent books published on governance and development by well-known scholars. Secondly, specific review on the disciplines mentioned under the scope of the journal as political science, governance, development, leadership, national and international law, globalization, human rights, economics, environmental science, public policy, international relations, international organizations, gender, peace and conflict management, international political economy, multiculturalism, civil society etc.

A book review implies reading and comparing several books in such a manner that the reviewer includes his/hers own original analysis. Generally, book reviews should cover the following elements besides an overview of the contents of the book.

  • Objective of review the book
  • Core arguments/information that strike the authors to capture
  • Whether those arguments/justifications are important; If yes, how much important; If no, why?
  • Overall strength and weakness of the argument – specify the areas of strength and weakness
  • Recommendation for the book for its authenticity and overall quality for the future readers/reviewers.