Department of Governance and Development Studies (GaDS) is one of the pioneer departments of Jimma University and functioning as a constituent unit of the College of Law and Governance since September, 2007 (Ethiopian Calendar). The Department since its establishment is playing a vital role in the transformation of society and empowering the government institutions by producing professionals in the area of development and governance. The Post-Graduate Program of the Department clearly states its vision as “The Master of Arts Program in Governance and Development Studies (GaDS) institutionalizes a dynamic and strategic vision to provide an interdisciplinary, advanced, research-based and practical education in contemporary issues of national and international governance and development” which at the same time echoes the vision of the Jimma University which “aspires to be one of the premier universities in Africa and renowned in the world by 2025”. It is in pursuance of this stated vision, the PanAfrican Journal of Governance and Development (PJGD) offers a platform of expression of new scientific enquiries to all intellectuals of the world in general and Africa & Ethiopia in particular to reflect on how governance and development can be promoted, strengthened and consolidated.