Actively Involving Editorial Board Members in All Aspects of the Review Process

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Tesfaye Gebeyehu


The editorial of Vol. 6 No.2 insisted on the international advisory board members and the editorial board members of EJSSLS to actively discharge their responsibilities. The editorial emphasized the importance of reviewing the international advisory board. With regards to the latter, it reads: “all editorial board members of the journal (deputy editors and the editor-in-chief) must discharge their responsibilities…” (p.2). This editorial of Vol. 9 No.2 singles out the latter and suggests they enhance the contribution of what is expected from them in the review process. But this does not mean they are totally passive; a few of them are involved in some aspect of the review process to some extent. If all of them are fully involved in all aspects of the review process, the speed of the review process, the number of issues published per volume, the number of manuscripts published in an issue, and the national and international image of the journal improve. One of the reasons for the limited participation of the majority of them could be a lack of enough information about their responsibilities listed in the policy of the journal. The other reason is the absence of money incentives. Hence, with regards to the former reason, this editorial reminds them to evaluate themselves to the extent to which they are aware and have discharged some of the following responsibilities listed in the policy (Guidelines) of the journal and act accordingly.

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Gebeyehu, T. (2022). Actively Involving Editorial Board Members in All Aspects of the Review Process. The Ethiopian Journal of Social Sciences and Language Studies (EJSSLS), 9(1), 1-2. Retrieved from
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Tesfaye Gebeyehu, Jimma University

1Associate. Prof., Department of English Language and Literature, Jimma University, Ethiopia

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